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Exists is another in a long line of twisted horror films from Cuban Director Eduardo Sanchez. It centres around five friends who predictably venture into a creepy Texan wood for a party weekend at an abandoned cabin. After a minor collision with what they think is an animal, they are slowly stalked by the Sasquatch, a Bigfoot-like creature.

Out of this predictable beginning comes a surprisingly enthralling and motivated screenplay. After watching the film, it is no shock that Sanchez co-wrote and directed The Blair Witch Project, which shares a similar format and style. Relying on the sketchy recordings of handycams, the film builds suspense and mystery surrounding the creature.

Genuine performances and some witty writing save what could have easily been a stale, unoriginal film. Though for a plot that deviates from traditional horror conventions, it would have been nice to see stronger, more-driven female leads.  (ATS)