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Slow pulsing synthesiser and low, shuffling vocals pretty much sum up DJ Kasper Bjørke’s latest concept album. ‘Self-ironically’ titled Fool, the album is split into two – the first a group of despondent love songs, and the second a darker collection of increasingly trippy, mostly instrumental tracks. Combine this with seductive, distorted whispers permeating the electronic rhythmic repetitions and Bjørke has provided the cool-down setlist for a European rave party. Introduced by a throbbing Overture barely lasting eighty seconds, it is hard to differentiate between each track of the second group as each one spirals into the next.

The A side of the album far less psychedelic. With more optimistic tempos and a little more to offer in the way of melody and texture, these tracks are dripping in Eighties synthesiser glory. Deep is the Breath, a duet sung with Danish Emma Acs, provides a welcome addition to the regular mellow vocals from another Dane and close collaborator, Jacob Bellens. Lose Yourself to Jenny is another standout track, with its bouncy bassline and off-beat percussion line, which again features Bellens’ vocals. If you can swallow a straight fifty minutes of repetitive synthesiser and aren’t too fussed by monotony, this is the album is for you.