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Radio 2RPH (radio for the print handicapped) and the Exodus Foundation will distribute free portable radio transmitters to the homeless on June 14.

Radio 2RPH is starting the initiative to grow its services to a wider range of people as it approaches its 35th year of service. The station was founded in 1977 for people who cannot see, handle or understand printed material. The station’s volunteers read a range of literature daily.

Nicci Lindemann, manager of Radio 2RPH, said the station’s mission is to help the disadvantaged. “We are a station that is all about helping people,” said Ms Lindemann. “However, not enough people know about this valuable service that supports the community.” Ms Lindemann hopes the distribution of free radios will allow the station to provide for a wider range of people, including the homeless, who often lack access to reading and listening materials.

A recent survey conducted by McNair Ingenuity Research suggested Radio 2RPH is reaching out to more parts of the community. The survey said the station has a monthly reach of 330,000. Breaking
the stereotype that only retirees tune in, Radio 2RPH’s largest group of listeners are actually 29 to 45 year olds.

Reverend Bill Crews of the Uniting Church founded the Exodus Foundation, which works for social justice. It provides the Loaves and Fishes Free Restaurant, a Tutorial Centre and support services like counselling. Ms Lindemann and Exodus Foundation representative, Peter Valpiani, said they joined each other because they felt they had similar missions. “We are trying to help the same people
and we are trying to target the same people,” said Mr Valpiani. “We thought helping each other out would be a great fit.”

Mr Valpiani also said it was important to gain support for the opening of the Exodus Foundation’s Addison Road Centre. “I’m really grateful that Radio 2RPH have been able to work with us,” he said.
Ms Lindermann said: “We are very impressed with the work the Exodus Foundation does and they are about helping people much in the same way that we are.”

Radio 2RPH is enjoying a positive working relationship with the Exodus Foundation. “The Exodus Foundation has been enormously supportive. They’re really good people and a whole lot a fun to
work with,” Ms Lindermann said.

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    What a brain storm, free radios! Hang on what happens when the batties runout? TOOOO funny!!!! I’m off to porn shop for a cheep new radio!