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The revised plans for the Abercrombie Precinct in Darlington will go online within weeks of community consultations.

A proposal model will be displayed at 22 Codrington Street during the exhibition period.

The University of Sydney claims it has consulted extensively with the community regarding its proposed new Business School in Darlington. Consequently, original plans have been changed and will be published on the NSW Department of Planning website soon.

The revised plans include a reduction in the overall scale of the proposal, a reduction in overshadowing, increased pedestrian safety and more green areas.

Project Director for the Abercrombie Project, Cris Johansen, said the University welcomed community feedback. “The University listened carefully to the community…with their involvement we developed a set of principles to guide the new development,” Mr Johansen said.

Although there will be 82 underground parking spots on the proposal, the University claims safety will not be adversely affected.

“We have been concerned to make this area safe for school children,” said Mr Johansen. The proposal includes a path across the parking spots on the University site to allow school children to safely travel.

Spokesman for community group REDWatch, Geoff Turnbull, said he was content with the community discussions initiated by the University. “There was a reasonable level of discussion,” said Mr Turnbull. “The changes they made were quite substantial.”

Nonetheless, Mr Turnbull said further changes could be made like moving the car park away from Abercrombie St for the safety of school children.

In mid-2011, the City of Sydney Council responded to the University’s initial proposals. Whilst mostly content with the proposal, the Council stated it had a few issues. The Council particularly called for the preservation of the iconic Sydney Blue Gum tree.

The University said its revised proposal preserves the Blue Gum tree and increases the number of green areas.

The City of Sydney Council also took the chance to increase green spaces in the Precinct. The Council said it will revamp the Precinct to make it greener and safer.

“We will create a beautiful avenue for residents, businesses, pedestrians and shoppers to enjoy,” said Lord Mayor Clover Moore.

The City of Sydney Council said it will install new lighting, street furniture and wider footpaths.

Mr Turnbull of REDWatch said he was happy with the Council proposals. “What still remains outstanding, however, is how to make the walkways of the area less congested for students walking to university,” he said.

By Fabian Di Lizia