The latest skinny-dip into Crystal Lake finds a new batch of irritating, sexed-up teens to terminate. And mummy’s boy Jason is up to the challenge, slashing his way through scenes packed with boobs, Southern-fried yokels, twangy dialogue and plenty of b-l-o-o-d. As a rehash, it ticks all the boxes. (AB)

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Everyone worth their popcorn dollars knows the story of Friday the 13th, right? Just in case, here it is in five words: “crazy mom + freaky kid = killfest”. Or: “money-spinning franchise times lots”. And this latest skinny-dip into Crystal Lake is no different, starting with a rain-soaked flashback to Matriarch Voorhees’ beheading at the hands of an irate young camp counsellor. Fast forward 20 years, and there’s a whole new breed of irritating teenagers to terminate. And paunchy mummy’s boy Jason is up for the challenge, goring a handful before opening credits. Fans of the franchise have been howling this addition down. But as far as rehashes go, it ticks all the boxes: boobs-out waterskiing, Southern-fried yokels, gratuitous sex, overcooked campish dialogue, and plenty of b-l-o-o-d. It’s crude, but it’ll definitely get your buttered corn jumping. (AB)

Released Mar 12,