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Gabriel Iglesias is a comedian of Mexican heritage who has managed to sell out Madison Square Garden in New York with his one-man show. A seasoned performer, he is able to attract top names to his sell-out shows, including such luminaries as Antonio Banderas and Will Ferrell. He has nicknamed himself ‘Fluffy’ as a way of diffusing any fat jokes that might come his way, with “I’m not fat, I’m Fluffy”, being his catch cry. Iglesias is an expert at sending himself up. A top-notch storyteller who has travelled far and wide with his one-man show always doing his best to tailor his jokes for his current audience. He has worked in Hollywood as a voice-over artist for animated films too. Notably, The Nut Job and Planes, for DisneyToon Studios.

As well as this he has appeared in top-grossing films which include Magic Mike with Matthew McConaughey. Recently Iglesias was hired to perform his show in the Middle East and went all the way to Riad not knowing what to expect. He found himself performing in the middle of the desert with his host being a Saudi prince no less. He said of this experience that his only previous experience of dealing with royalty was, “Ordering a burger from Burger King.” He then remarked on how funny it was that he had to go all the way to the other side of the world before being referred to as, ‘An American,’ as opposed to, ‘A Latino.’

In today’s political climate with the recent shutdown of the American parliament, this show is extremely topical. Iglesias is not left but he is left of right and that is another reason why he is ‘Fluffy.’ He’s not offensive but warm and friendly entertainment. His timing is impeccable and his sound effects brilliant. Australian audiences can expect an all-round performer with gusto, heart and some well-researched tongue in cheek humour guaranteed to have Aussies rolling in the aisles.

Jan 12. ICC Sydney Theatre, 14 Darling Dr, Sydney. $81.40+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Renee Dallow