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A collaboration between Steve Kilbey (The Church), Glenn Bennie (The Underground Lovers) and featuring Ricky Rene Maymi (Brian Jonestown Massacre) on guitar. An eclectic album with a moody, surreal sound coming from the psychedelic work normally associated with BJM. Unfortunately there is nothing on this album like the Milky Way “brand” that Kilbey created in the 80s, but still powerful enough to generate a younger generations interest. Some genuinely languid sounds, cultural references to Captain Cook and Aussie-isms like “get cracking”. The album has a sombre feel to it, fitting with the title theme of damage. Title track Damaged/Controlled is enjoyably dismal with a fatigued sounding Kilbey and emotive lyrics: “it’s all too soon, it’s all in ruins… I just wanna turn it off.” An interesting sample of the raagini, a droning device used in classic Indian music which gives the album a sinister feel at times.  Overall there are some breathtaking melodies and guitar harmonies with that iconic and classic Aussie-male sound that Kilbey is known for.