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A walking ghost tour of Glebe is currently in operation and should prove to be an enjoyable and spooky night out for people of all ages who are simultaneously fascinated by local history and the spiritual world.

“A ghost tour may seem like a frivolous pursuit but it is also the moment to be present and consider the history of this little pocket of Australia. While the stories are fictional, we have researched Glebe’s past and brought the suburb to life with our characters. We can guarantee it is unlike anything you’ve experienced before and you’ll leave feeling simultaneously heartbroken and uplifted.” explained producer Kenny Murphy.

A group of up to fifteen people can attend the sunset session (less spooky) at 6:30pm or the after dark session (slightly spookier) at 8pm when the ghosts are out in full force! Over the course of an hour, two professional guides explain the strange occurrences reported over the years in the local area.

What lurks down the dark alley ways? Visit the ‘street with no name’ where ten bodies have been found and visit the park where two young sisters mysteriously vanished, leaving behind only a shoe and a hat.

The giggling ghost of a young girl and the screeching sound of the car that killed her are still allegedly being heard, many years after the tragic event.

“There’s a cast of six actors, so each show presents an entirely different experience as they have each developed original and nuanced characters that are different from one another. Some characters are high energy, some are low – it’s the luck of the draw as to what you’ll get on the night!” (MMo)

Until 11 Nov. Meeting point disclosed upon booking. $10-$20. Tickets & Info: