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It must be a pretty important milestone; it’s even got the Prime Minister of Greece, Loukas Papadimos, spinning a penny or two on the Message Board. Thirty years on from a humble weekend-long gathering at the Addison Rd Community Centre in Marrickville, this year’s Greek Festival of Sydney, which culminates in a night at Darling Harbour attracting over 200,000 people, has certainly come a long way.

Highlights in 2012 include a tribute night to musical legends Nikos Papazoglou and Manolis Rasoulis (April 19), a roving canter through Hellenic tunes From Zorba to Jazz (April 20), a concert of original songs taking the life of migration in Australia as a starting point (May 18), plus a range of related exhibitions, talks, and movie screenings. Head to the website for more information. (AB)

Until May 25, various venues and prices,