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Guy Blackman is an interesting character. The very name Adult Baby suggests something very disturbing in the lyrical content of what we hold in our hands. But in a way, there couldn’t be a more appropriate title for this record – a long time in the making without being given its independence, and in its adult life comes across as overtly playful and lush. For fans of Stereolab, Brian Wilson and that very Melbournian brand of neo-folk (e.g. Crayon Fields, The Lucksmiths etc), there is plenty to listen to here. Guy’s songs about love, life and the universe charm their way across this record, warmly recorded pianos and horns, strings and synths weave about in a very clever array of nifty pop songs. Real gems including the bittersweet Gayle, and the topically obvious but pleasantly rollicking Carlton North. Blackman’s experience in the Melbourne scene as a record label director, and his clear love of his homeground, make this a very assured excursion into skewy pop storytelling, charming and curious, and not nearly as creepy as the title insinuates.