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There’s something intangibly special about this English romantic comedy. It’s not the sort of film which will appeal to the wide public or win any awards or even make a dent on the box office charts, but regardless it’s a simplistic and delightful feel-good film.

Recently widowed and financially inept, Emily Walters (Diane Keaton) aids a homeless man (Brendan Gleeson) who is described as ‘the tramp from Heath who leeches off the land’ from being evicted from his shack by greedy developer bullies. A bond builds between them, but can a permanent relationship flourish?

Diane Keaton is radiant in one of her rare film appearances and is supported by a wonderful cast who are predominantly unrecognisable to Australian audiences. The writers have written a script in which all the funny dialogue seemingly defaults to Keaton, who plays a role which may have been written especially for her.

The pairing of these two totally opposite characters who share no on-screen chemistry is the charming aspect of the film, as it’s a relationship which audiences will progressively warm to and also reaffirms that love works in mysterious ways. (MMo)