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Australian award winning comedian Hannah Gadsby gained a well earned reputation in stand-up comedy by making multiple appearances on TV and performing in many local and international festivals. At 39 she has announced her retirement from the stand up circuit and is doing her final swan-song tour with the show, Nannette.

Nannette won best comedy show at the Edinburgh Festival where Gadsby was the first-joint winner with John Robbins. The show is humorous but also delves into a very personal account of her life and explores her thoughts on discrimination towards the LGBTIQ+ community and the ugly side of patriarchy.

Nannette is a timely show especially when Australia is voting on marriage equality. Gadsby’s 10-year run in stand-up comedy has given her fans plenty to laugh about and while some might think it is too soon for her to retire at the height of a fantastic career, it is a personal choice and one that she thinks is right for her at this time. She will be leaving the stage with a final bang, entertaining audiences with her raw comedy but also shinning a light on important issues that are affecting society at large.

Until Oct 8. Sydney Opera House,  Bennelong Point, Sydney. $49.90–$59.90+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Daniel Jaramillo.