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Forget the geeks, farmers, rock stars and unlucky-in-loves … comedian Hannah Gadsby wants a wife and she’s prepared to wisecrack her way to the altar. Care to join?

Last time we spoke you were touring Mrs Chuckles, “a person who takes the world seriously and walks around with a face like a slapped arse.” Are you learning to take the world a little less seriously? I tend to give myself 20 minutes a day where I watch cats doing weird stuff on the internet. That usually lightens my mood. I am also trying to learn how to laugh at those less fortunate than me … I think that is the key to a carefree existence.  That and stalking the cats of strangers.

At what stage of penning jokes and observations do you sit up and think, hey wait on, I’ve got a show here? I mull my shows over in my mind for months before I’ll put pen to paper. Then … who knows. The creative process is a mystery to me.  At the moment I am writing this with a face washer on my head.

In this show you draw the some would say long bow between art history and same sex marriage … I do not do this at all!  I just use pretty pictures to distract from the fact that I am talking about a vaguely political subject.  Politics are dull and I would hate to yawn in my own show.  So there are lots of pictures and some have bare boobs.

What is one thing you have learnt from art that you wish comedy could learn as well? I think it is the other way around.  Art should learn from comedy.  For instance, pensioners should paint over more priceless frescos.

What thoughts have been running through your head during the often disappointing debates surrounding same sex marriages? I would say that some part of my brain will be focused on bears.  I love bears.  But generally I feel bored by the whole thing.  Absolutely bored.  I still have not heard one decent reason as to why gays should not get married.  Not one single sensible, reasonable, charitable, humane reason.  But I have faith in the next generation of Australians. Outmoded conservatism is sadly a staple of Australian history.

And, are you really after a wife? This show is not an active search for a wife.  I am saving that idea for a big budget reality TV series where my judges will be ageing men squeezed into slightly too small but very busy ensembles supplied by Myer.

Oct 10-14, Comedy Store, Building 207/ 122 Lang Rd, Moore Park, $30-35, 9357 1419,