Enver Tohti

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This chilling documentary is a cry for help – its purpose to spread awareness about the forced live organ harvesting of falun gong practitioners in China, to a world which seems intentionally oblivious to these unspeakable atrocities.

Followers of this spiritual exercise and meditation regime who won’t recant their beliefs are imprisoned as the Chinese government are threatened by this ‘cult’.

China has no tradition of voluntary organ donation and yet they have the largest amount of organ transplants after the US. In a six year period, an estimated 40,000 innocent people have been slaughtered for their organs and incredibly, media coverage is diminishing as the undeniable evidence is building.

Is it ethical for a government to take the lives of innocent human beings owing to their ’unpopular beliefs’ and sell their organs for profit? Why won’t the Chinese government allow an independent investigation into the source of thousands of organ transplants performed each year?

Insightful interviews with labour camp survivors, activists, journalists, human rights lawyers and surgeons who discuss these horrific crimes against humanity will have the most hardened of skeptics come to the conclusion that these allegations are indisputable. (MMo)


Aug 3. Event Cinemas, George St. $15 (incl. Q&A panel discussion). Tickets & info: hardtobelievesydney.eventbrite.com.au

Aug 4. NSW Parliament House, Macquarie St. $15 (incl. Q&A panel discussion). Tickets & info: hardtobelievesydney2.eventbrite.com.au