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This is a made for TV mockumentary that looks at the rivalry – in and out of the water – between two young, very competitive surfers. Benji Halt (Elliot Loney) is laid back, unassuming until he catapults to fame after punching a shark and escaping unharmed during a surf comp. Ricky Scrotun (Neel Kolhatkar) is vain, ineloquent, has bionic feet and spruiks his custom line of swimming briefs, “Scrotuns for your scrotum,” at every opportunity.

Written and directed by young and promising film maker, Connor Fairclough, Head Above Water takes a cynical yet humorous look at instant fame with all it’s attendant hype, pretence, fragility and destructiveness.

At just under an hour in length, it’s Fairclough’s first feature and an indication of his talent. While some of the jokes are obvious, it’s mostly fun and fresh with some very strong performances from an impressive cast, and a travelogue of great beach locations.


Premieres on 9GO! Dec 30, 9.30pm; Streaming on STAN from Jan 5 for 12 months. More Info:

Reviewed by Rita Bratovich.