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Why does online dating exist? Why are we more comfortable approaching someone in a virtual chat room than in a pub? These are just some of the fascinating questions director Olivia Satchell explores in her ambitious independent project on human contact and love, Heart Dot Com.

“I want to get the audience to think about the multiplicity of contradictions in internet dating,” Satchell explains.

Satchell has teamed up with an exciting array of Sydney’s up-and-coming writers – Katie Pollock (A Quiet Night in Rangoon), Ellana Costa, Alison Rooke, Jasper Marlow and Luke Carson – to present a multi-playwright project, with each writer crafting a character each. All five attempt the awkward, painful and often hilarious process of making their own online dating video.

By baring all on a bare stage, Heart Dot Com attempts to get to the heart of how technology can provide infinite possibilities of human growth but also hinder our human connection to others.

“We don’t really provide an answer, it is a non-linear structure of moments of space and time. It is really designed to get people thinking.”

Oct 3-14, TAP Gallery Theatre, 278 Palmer St, Darlinghurst, $15-20,