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By Madison Behringer

Shaping up to be their biggest year yet, the Hemp, Health & Innovation Expo (HHI) will be returning to Sydney next weekend for their fourth year in a row. Held over two huge days the HHI Expo will be filling the Rosehill Racecourse Exhibition Centre with activities, talks, exhibitions, a wide range of hemp products. Let’s not forget the brand-new The Food Hempire (think a massive Eat Street with all things hemp food!). With its inaugural year in 2016, the HHI Expo has always had one clear goal and value. HHI Event Coordinator and owner of Tilba Hemp Co Michelle Crain explained the expo’s ideals to City Hub saying, “We have always focused on educating and informing the Australian public on what the Cannabis Sativa plant can do for us now and into the future, in the hope of removing the stigma that has been attached to the plant for so long.”

The HHI Expo is family friendly, all-inclusive and has a huge range of things to see, do, eat and interact with over the course of the two-day event. The HHI Expo sums up what goes on throughout the big weekend at Rosehill Racecourse:

“Through workshops, displays, speakers and exhibitors, we bring all the research, science, innovation, products, industries and uses of hemp together under one roof.”

Crain spoke with us about a brand-new instalment for the Expo this year – an Eco Fashion Showcase.

“This year we are showcasing hemp clothing and accessories available from various exhibitors from around Australia as well as a show-stopping evening gown that has been specifically designed for the Expo featuring hemp fabrics.”

Crain says attendees will be sure to have “a day of experiencing many different products they may not have seen or heard about, lots of yummy hemp inspired food and drinks. Clothing, beauty, health, building products and information.”

The HHI Expo has always sought to remove the stigma surrounding the Cannabis Sativa plant, and encouraging Australians to become open-minded to the benefits and possible uses of the plant. Returning to the Expo this year will be the 2019 Australian Cannabis & Hemp Symposium, which will bring together the world’s leading medical professionals, academics, research associates, pharmacists, activists and entrepreneurs to open up a conversation with the public about the many uses and benefits of the Cannabis plant and conduct Q&A sessions.

Included in the line-up of speakers is Dr Sanjay Nijhawan, Medical Director at the Australian Cannabis Access Clinics (CAC). Dr Nijhawan spoke with City Hub about the conception of the clinic and its foundations.

“The clinics were established to help consult patients with a range of indications, and those whose regular medical practitioners or specialists are more comfortable referring patients to a clinic with in-depth knowledge of medicinal cannabis to be prescribed in a safe and transparent way.”

For the first time since the HHI Expo’s conception, the Cannabis Access Clinics will be conducting a limited amount of one-on-one, 15 minute consult sessions to determine the eligibility of individuals to get TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association) approval for medical cannabis.

“Our team at the Cannabis Access Clinics will be holding screening consultations at our booth over the HHI weekend,” said Dr Nijhawan, going on to say, “we also look forward to breaking down the barriers to communicating with health professionals and debunking some of the myths associated with medicinal cannabis.”

Dr Nijhawan is proud of the work innovative and game-changing work CACs are doing, saying, “It has been just over 12 months since the Cannabis Access Clinics started consulting patients. I am proud to say that our team has a 100% approval rate and we will highlight the breadth of that experience with real-world case studies from Australia.”

The 2019 HHI Expo is set to break down even more barriers than previous years and with a massive line-up of new events and experiences, it is set to be the biggest one yet. Michelle said of this year’s event, “This Expo sees the largest numbers of Exhibitors since our inaugural event in 2016, with the inclusion of onsite Medicinal Cannabis Clinics.”

The Expo is family-friendly, has the largest amount of exhibitors since its inception, and will have more food on offer than ever before. A huge range of hemp inspired clothing, products and accessories will be available and it will be a weekend filled with opportunities to see, taste and touch everything the HHI Expo has to offer.

May 18-19. Rosehill Racecourse Exhibition Centre, James Ruse Drive, Rosehill. $20-$200+b.f. Tickets & Info: www.hhiexpo.com.au