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Hidden Currents’ album After Image is a forceful melancholy offering.

It is a complicated mix almost like a mesmerising lasagne, sounds piling on top of each other and melding together so that they become joined to the point of being inseparable.

It is overwhelmingly mournful, persisting in that direction despite becoming heavier and heavier emotionally as the album progresses. Its negative vibes press down on the listener heaping problem on problem and wrapping it all inside a constant dirge.

The listener may experience some discomfort along with a feeling of emotional dousing somewhere in the neurons surrounding their heart. This is potent stuff and should have a warning label for non-physical harm. Pushing and tearing, it makes space where there wasn’t any before.

This is as powerful and as layered as a depressed onion, it bypasses the tear ducts and pulls persistently at the listeners own insides.

Use with caution.