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Demonstrators have vented their anger across the country in fighting for improved workers rights at Hungry Jacks, with Sydney protestors taking aim at George Street’s Greater Union Hungry Jacks last Friday.

Hungry Jacks has been accused of paying the lowest wages of all major fast food companies in Australia.

“The process was originally initiated because workers at Burger King in New Zealand were trying to push for workers rights, union representation and to keep what conditions and wages they have, and in fact get better ones,” Sydney activist Emma Bacon said.

“The company, instead of negotiating and talking, initiated a horrible attack against those workers.”

A spokesperson for Hungry Jacks said: “Hungry Jacks is aware of the demonstrations by an activist group not associated with or representative of Hungry Jack’s employees. Hungry Jacks has a proud record as a major employer of Australians for more than 40 years and complies with the National Fast Food Award 2010 and its transitional arrangements.

Hungry Jack’s encourages employees to direct any enquiries through official internal channels.”

Hundreds of protestors had their say at selected Hungry Jacks stores across the country in a nationwide protest.

“Workers have complained, saying that we don’t have proper fire exits [and] we don’t have proper OH&S,” Ms Bacon said. “People are concerned that when they work in those sort of conditions without proper training and when there’s no proper fire exits, then that can be incredibly dangerous.”

The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) was also present at the protests. The IWW, a member run union for workers, pillors for better employee conditions in the workplace.

IWW Union member Rohan Best said: “It’s a solidarity action with our comrads in New Zealand, there are union busting techniques and unsafe practices that have been happening.

“Workers have been fired and intimidated, an injury to one is an injury to all. When one worker is under attack, all workers in solidarity should support those workers – that’s why we’re here protesting.”