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I feel I owe ceramics an apology. In musing on what Object’s latest show Hyperclay may hold, my mind turned back to my own awful childhood attempts at pottery, to naff teapots and the ‘Plaster Funhouse’. I am happy to report, however, that I could not have been more wrong. Inside the snug gallery I found an array of objects as diverse as they were arresting. From the otherworldly brought to earth (Addison Marshall’s intricate Satellite Series) to the all-too-familiar given an incredibly creepy twist (Walter Auer’s disturbing mummified teddy bears), Hyperclay steps up to the plate to show us just how sexy clay can be. There’s a 3D clay printer (by Roderick Bamford), insanely delicate sculptures constructed from face powder (from the aptly named Jacqueline Clayton), clay and video art mash ups (Stephen Bird, Pip McManus)… you name it, turns out someone’s probably done it in ceramics! The ever-savvy Object space has also provided a bunch of iPad’s scattered around the gallery, on which you can settle in and view ‘making of’ clips, artist interviews, and a range of other bonuses that make for a unique, tailor-made and extremely satisfying gallery experience.

Until Jan 8, Object Gallery, 417 Bourke St, Surry Hills, 9361 4511,