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This is Amy Schumer being completely herself – funny, unbridled and defiantly narrow minded about how the world works. The premise of the movie is not entirely original and not particularly well executed.

Schumer’s character, Renee Bennett is a little larger and less pretty – in her opinion – than she’d like to be and this gives her major self esteem issues. After falling and bumping her head during an exercise class, she deludedly perceives herself as having physically transformed into her dream version of herself. Only she sees the mirage and that is the basis for most of the humour. The story moves at a good pace and the jokes are frequent and mostly land. Bennett’s arc, however, paints her as an anti-hero and there is more negative stereotyping done by her than applied to her.

Michelle Williams as the squeaky voiced Avery Le Claire is a scene steeler and there are some heavyweight cameos.

It’s light and enjoyable but its attempts to be ernest merely highlight how much it got it wrong.


Reviewed by Rita Bratovich