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I Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings Too – Martha Wainwright

By Chris Peken

If she were a filly, Martha Wainwright out of Kate McGarrigle by Louden Wainwright III would be of the finest folk pop stock. Although it is her brother Rufus who is currently fawned over in the press, with her second album Martha is proving the stronger talent thus far. Following a near flawless debut album – 2005’s Martha Wainwright – the delightfully, aptly titled I Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings Too proves that while she may be recently married, Martha has not lost touch with her sense of mischief, nor her understanding of the longing, searching and hope of singledom. With the out and out singles You Cheated Me and Comin’ Tonight Wainwright could top any pop charts. But the brutal honesty of songs like Bleeding All Over You (a song that contains the album’s title amongst its chorus) or the jilted lover of Jesus and Mary contain enough intent to scare away those without the stomach for heartier fare. Lyrically she is unafraid to confront those who have hurt her, to tell those she has loved unrequitedly, or to deal with her mother’s recent battle with cancer. Vocally her ability to perfect many voices can initially be disconcerting, the Kate Bush influence is predominate, but touches of Bjork and The Sunday’s Harriet Wheeler appear while In the Middle of the Night channels Patti Smith to considerable effect. Throwing in a cover of the Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd tune See Emily Play is a welcome surprise, while The Eurythmic’s Love is a Stranger ends the album on a fairly disposable but fun note. What I would give to be around the piano for a Wainwright family Christmas sing-along.