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I Want You To Know There Is Always Hope ‘ I Was a Cub Scout


There is always some room for some more life-affirming album titles in this current-affairs blackened world. A self-proclaimed ‘boy band’, I Was a Cub Scout comprise of Todd Marriot and William Bowerman and if you are thinking Take That then they have well and truly fooled you. Think English, think pop-epic, think keyboard-emo, and you are heading down a more accurate path. I Want You To Know There Is Always Hope is a remarkably complete debut album from I Was a Cub Scout, perhaps due to producers Hugh Padgham’s (The Police, Phil Collins) experienced and guiding hand. While the keyboards dominate the melody, it is the drums and guitars that provide the propulsion on tracks like Save Your Wishes and Pink Squares ‘ where an Edge inspired guitar from Marriott lifts the track towards the anthemic. Dib dib, dob’

*** ½