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Based on the novel by American writer James Baldwin and nominated for three Academy Awards, this is a film which should stimulate heated discussion amongst audiences, long after leaving the cinema.

The story follows the blossoming romance of Fonny and Tish, a young couple living in Beale Street in a black community and the tragedy which follows when a racist law enforcer engineers a plan to have Fonny falsely accused of rape.

Much more than a romantic film, the underlying themes resonate the social issues which black communities endured in the 1970s and continue to do so today, to a lesser extent.

Dark and pessimistic the hopelessness of trying to live a productive life in a white man’s world is highlighted by their belief that “this country really doesn’t like niggers” and that “white man has to be the devil.”

And what would Beale Street say if it could talk? Deprived of their civil rights, there is no truth, no justice and no equality for some black communities in America, but ultimately the power of love will conquer all. (MMo)