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What starts off as a clever and arresting low-budget Australian thriller quickly digresses into a mixed bag intermingled with unintended humour, pervading silliness, unpolished editing and many instances of over-acting which collectively degrade the overall quality of the production.

The story surrounds Jack (Andrew Cutcliffe) a repressed painter who is hired by shady night-club owner Bill (Marin Mimica) to paint a portrait of his wife Ruby (Miranda O’Hare), an ex-hooker.

Romance blooms between Jack and Ruby, which leads to the abusive and murderous Bill attempting to avenge her infidelity which predictably climaxes at Indigo Lake.

The pivotal characters are well cast, notably the arch villain, frighteningly portrayed by Mimica who was a natural in the role.

However, the bumbling characterizations of the supporting cast, notably Bill’s cronies, inadvertently incite laughter which detracts and leaves audiences pondering whether this was a comedy.

It’s hard to take this film seriously – why would Bill be so jealous of his wife if she was an ex-hooker and would Jack (allegedly in his right mind) contemplate a relationship with the wife of a dangerous man?

There are several yawn-worthy twists, but ultimately do we really care if these two lovebirds walk off into the sunset together? No. Definitely not.


Apr 23. Dendy Opera Quay Cinema, 9/22 East Circular Quay. $20 (includes Q&A) Tickets & info:

Reviewed by Mark Morellini.