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This effective drama was a box-office hit in Italy and should also prove to be a stand-out success at this year’s Italian Film Festival. The originality of the story, further compounded by an award winning screenplay, provides a movie experience which will stay with audiences long after leaving the cinema.

Daisy and Viola are 18 year-old twins conjoined at the hips who are regarded as a miracle who bring good luck. They perform at weddings and festivals under the strict control of their father who profits from their disability.

When a doctor claims the twins could have been separated at birth as they don’t share any organs, the catalyst emerges to a life-changing journey for the twins, who run away in search of 20,000 Euros for an operation to separate them.

But do Daisy and Viola both want the operation? Is their sexual awakening, their need for romance and the “feeling like they’re locked in a cage” enough to propel an operation to separate these sisters who are basically regarded as ‘side show freaks’ amongst the religious community?

Newcomers Angela and Marianne Fontana give astounding performances in this film which notably makes a comment on the arrogance and greed of society. (MMo)


Screening at The Italian Film Festival