Davis Evans with parents Donna Woodburne and John Evans.

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Whilst it still feels like we only just got over Christmas and New Year it’s already time for parents to begin making plans for the ‘back to school’ rush. One school in particular that Sydney’s parents may want to consider is the International Grammar School (IGS) in Ultimo, thanks to its prodigious history of high achievers.

International Grammar School (IGS) is a coeducational, secular school, Preschool to Year 12, with the motto Unity Through Diversity. Throughout 2019 the school will be celebrating its 35th anniversary by highlighting some of its past high achievers.

One such former student is Davis Evans of Glebe, who topped the State in German Beginners in the 2018 HSC, and said that “a fresh start” gave him an edge.

“I didn’t try very hard from Years 7 to 10, and decided I wanted to do better,” Davis said. “Learning a beginner language gave me a fresh start. I’m very grateful to my teachers, who were awesome.”

Davis learnt Italian from Kindergarten at IGS, which runs a unique partial language immersion program from Preschool to Year 10, but decided to expand his language skills from the start of Year 11.

Davis had previously told one of his language teachers that learning a language from Kindergarten was a life-changing experience, as it helped him realise that “the things that set us apart – language, culture, identity – are the things that we should celebrate and not hide”.

Davis’s mother, Donna Woodburne, said he was “really lucky” to have had excellent German language teachers at IGS and that he worked “very hard”. “We are absolutely thrilled for him,” she said.

“The main thing is he was incredibly happy and loved it. He just did his own thing, which is great.”

Davis isn’t the only remarkable story coming out of IGS, the school also had students finishing in the top ten of ATAR scores and also received 82 honourable mentions for the distinguished achievement of 90 per cent or above.

More info: www.igssyd.nsw.edu.au