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It’s Neither Either or, It’s Both and.Greg Coffin Trio

By Chris Peken

There is jazz and there is jazz. Thesis’ have been written (and played), debates will ring on through the ages, for that’s what jazz likes. But ultimately jazz is but one form of music, and music of any genre has the capacity to connect on a primal level with the people who listen to and experience it. The Greg Coffin Trio connect. It’s Neither Either or, It’s Both and. (full stop and case intentional) is without doubt a “jazz” kinda title, but it is also a very basic description of what Greg Coffin on piano, Cameron Undy on bass and Nic Cecire on drums, create here. There is an incredible fluidity that runs across these tracks, a thread that binds and connects the musicians, listen to The Far Queue as one part becomes the other, one finishes the others’ musical sentence. These players do not take turns, they weave and evolve Coffin’s compositions into living breathing tracks that can be understood and enjoyed by all.