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Welcome to an outrageous comedy where dead terrorists meet cranky old Texan men, where failed superheros meet beer-drinking rednecks, where everyone is twelve inches tall with a hand up their backside. Jeff Dunham has been winning awards and international recognition since 1990, and he continues to showcase ventriloquism at its most hilarious, promising fantastic new material honing the fine art of taking the piss.

“All of the characters are going to look completely different,” he explains. “Anybody who thinks they’ve seen the show has not seen the show. There’s a different theme and it’s a lot of fun, there’s a lot of local material about travelling and being in Australia.”

Jeff’s sense of humour has always been quirky, in-your-face and entertainingly controversial. His sketch featuring Achmed the Dead Terrorist is one of the most watched videos of all time on YouTube, and he has received universal acclaim for producing a series of lovable, ludicrous, laughable characters.

“My goal is to go and make people laugh and I think the majority of people have a good sense of humour. I’m sure I make fun of me more than anyone else. It’s not mean or nasty, it’s all about having fun. It’s puppets for God’s sake.”

Aug 17, The Entertainment Centre, 35 Harbour Street, Darling Harbour, $79-94, 136 100,