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This Valentine’s Day local artist Jenna Bloom’s new stencil art exhibition will open to the public by posing one simple question, ‘What is love?’

The idea behind this exhibition came to Bloom over the course of last year. “I felt the world has had some pretty horrific circumstances and 2016 wasn’t a great year for a lot of people,” emplaned Bloom. With these thoughts at the forefront of her mind she developed the exhibition in order to get the public thinking and talking about love.

When developing the works, Bloom took to social media to get some definitions and descriptions of love which she would then transform into stencil art. One such work which she really loves is based on one person’s description of love as “a delicious cocktail of chemicals in my brain”.

If you’re looking for a quirky date idea for Valentine’s Day (that is also for a good cause) this may be the event for you, as Bloom has partnered with The OZ Project. This organisation works specifically to reduce suicide as well as the stigma surrounding mental health, 10% of all sales will be donated to The OZ Project.

“I also feel this is a chance to bring people together, feel part of a community and shift the idea of Valentine’s from being an over-commercialised day that can make people feel quite isolated to a day where we can celebrate and spread the idea of love as a whole,” Bloom optimistically added. (JA)

Opening Night: Feb 14, 6-8pm. 

Exhibition: Feb 14–19, 5pm-midnight. Old Growler, 218 William St, Woolloomooloo.