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Joanna Melas has a strong and smooth voice, one that is both rare and beautiful. There are a few originals featured on this album, but the rest fit in more appropriatelly with the album title A Natural Selection. Its clear that Joanna Melas has spent a lifetime in and around music. She has actually respectfully dedicated this her first solo release to her late parents. The other seven tracks on the album are carefully hand picked to suit Joanna’s strenghths. They suit her voice so much so its quite possibe that these numbers have actually selected her. The second track is the Jenny Morris hit from the early nighties Break In The Weather. The other selections aren’t limited to the more modern era. From the early 70s there is the Leonard Cohen’s First We Take Manhattan and The Carpenters ballard For All We Know. It is also very clear that the music and musicians are very experienced and extremely proffsional and proficient. A joy to listen to and an extremely polished recoring. More elements are unearthed by your ears with each listen.