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Psychic John Edward will be reading Sydneysiders for two nights only. The television personality and medium, made famous for his 1999 show Crossing Over, will hold a similar formatted live show. “My live shows are very similar to my television shows, but more evolved,” he explains. “It’s a lot like Crossing Over without the cameras.”

Edward explored his abilities for fifteen years before going public with them. “I was a very sceptical teenager. A woman did a reading for me once which changed my life. She told me that I had these abilities and that I needed to explore them further, that put me on my path,” he continues. “I see it as a platform to express an idea and disseminate information. For me my whole thing is I’m teaching and trying to empower people.”

He believes scepticism towards his work is healthy. “With all the reality shows out there at the moment, I hope that people have the ability to discern what’s real and what’s not. It’s all about keeping my work as pure as possible.”  (GF)

Nov 13-14, State Theatre, 49 Market St, Sydney, $65-100,