John Olsen - Sydney Sun (Sun King)

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The Art Gallery of NSW in association with the National Gallery of Victoria is currently showcasing a wonderful exhibition by renowned Australian artist John Olsen. The painter is globally recognised for his abstract paintings, ceramics and tapestries portraying our beautiful landscapes. The exhibition displays all of Olsen’s art covering seven decades worth of work including large-scale paintings of Sydney Harbour and Lake Eyre but his mastery will be remembered for his famous landscape series the you beaut country which is one of the main highlights of the exhibition and gave it its name.

Olsen has a lively abstract style that pays homage to aboriginal art and his portraits of the Australian landscape are very poetic. His evolution is clearly on display for all to see as his unconventional and distinctive vision of Australia brings out the spirit of the country. He’s an artist who has been curious about Australia’s natural beauty and is still exploring our national identity in all of his creations.

One of Olsen’s monumental paintings the Sydney Sun (also known as the King Sun) was first displayed at the Canberra National Gallery of Australia in 1965 and shows his passion for creating colourful dreamlike paintings. At the age of 89 Olsen is an iconic living artist who has captured the heart and soul of Australia’s landscape and has made a huge contribution to the story of Australian art. If you would like to learn more about Australia’s rich history of art then this is an exhibition worthy of your time.

Until Jun 12, 10am-5pm. Art Gallery of NSW, Art Gallery Rd, The Domain. $8-$40. Tickets & Info:

By Daniel Jaramillo.