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This delightful comedy about family relations resembles a Neo Greek tragedy and should be well-received amongst lovers of French cinema.

The story surrounds 45 year-old widower Erwan Gourmelon (Francois Damiens) who discovers the man whom he believed to be his father is not his biological father. He sets off to locate his real father and along the way has chance meetings and coincidences, which lead to romance with a woman who may be his half-sister!

French charm flows in this exquisitely produced film, which effectively allures audiences from the onset through its original premise with minimal emotion.

Respected actor Francois Damiens is engaging in the central role and is supported by a wonderful supporting cast of French actors.

The importance of family radiates throughout this mildly humorous film, in which some of the comedy may be lost in translation.

This movie won’t be the crowd pleaser which Damiens previous box office sensation The Belier Family quickly became, but regardless it’s entertaining and the two surprise twists in the finale will leave audiences feeling satisfied and unsatisfied simultaneously. (MMo)