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Hundreds of workshops around the country will take part in the Australian Ceramic Open Studios. This event, is an inspiring opportunity to appreciate the: work, the skills, the innovation, the voice and uniqueness of each potters and ceramicists around Australia. Experimental Ceramics Studios, is an art space for creation with a bold freedom of expression and experimental ethos. experimental ceramics studios, contribute to the efforts of the Australian Ceramics Association to spread pottery and ceramics around the country. The studio opens their doors to the community to exhibit the recent work of the local artists. Some of the artists that present include: Jan Downs, David Helmers, Glenn Barkley, Scott Duncan, Ramesh Nithiyendran, Eloise Rankine, Angela Butler, Luke O Connor, Vivienne Hill and Rachael McCallum.

Rachael McCallum, director of experimental ceramics studios, explain that: “Pottery is a conversation with yourself. Each piece of pottery represents the individuality of a soul at a precise moment in time. Also, it is a reconciliation between yourself and the external world. A good piece of pottery is the result of the interaction between your hands, your mind and your soul.”

Australian Ceramic Open Studios, is an opportunity to step inside the creative environment of artisans and explore their inner world. The public will have the chance to interact with artists, understand the motivations, and the meaning of their work.

Aug 19-20, 10:00am – 4:00pm, The Nurses Quarters (behind the library), 184 Glebe Point Road, Glebe. Info: 

By Manuel Gonzalez