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After 12 years apart Australia’s favourite comedic duo Lano & Woodley brought a brand new show Fly to the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2018. This return show won the People’s Choice Award for their first return show, and this year Lano & Woodley’s Fly will return due to popular demand for a national tour in March.

Consisting of Colin Lane and Frank Woodley, the pair’s triumphant comedy career dates all the way back to 1994.

Colin Lane spoke of the pair’s time apart, saying, “the thing about us being apart for 12 years was that we both had lots of very interesting experiences with different things.” After both venturing down different avenues of the entertainment and theatre industries, the duo decided that their time as Lano & Woodley wasn’t up. 

“Essentially the best fun we’ve ever had is being onstage with each other,” shared Lane. Regarding the success of their reunion, Lane laughed and said, “it’s all very well to reunite but if we come back and the show’s just a bit shit, people will just go, ‘er, that’s a bit awkward.’” 

Lano & Woodley’s return show Fly has definitely not received a negative response, with the show returning to capital cities to meet public demand. 

“I think, without blowing my own trumpet, we’ve come out with maybe the best show we’ve ever written,” Lane said, finishing with, “the show is really good, and we have cut out all the shit bits but unfortunately Frank’s still in it.” 

Mar 23. Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney. $65.90-$69.90+b.f. Tickets & Info: 


By Madison Behringer.