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The Liberal Party have nominated new car parking measures and improved public transportation as critical election issues in the prelude to the Waverley Council ballot on September 8.

Widespread congestion in Waverley streets has led to parking becoming a prominent area of concern. Waverley Councillor and Liberal candidate, Tony Kay said he was focused on a “big carrot, small stick” approach to parking.

“Our philosophy is much more about incentives rather than penalties,” he said. “That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.”

Mr Kay said Liberal would review minimum and maximum allotments for multi-unit dwellings and introduce realistic rates.

“Those maximums are coming down and down. This means for multi-unit dwellings, developers cannot provide sufficient car space for the holders in those dwellings. When people move in and they have a car, they have to leave their car on the street because there’s no space allocated to their unit. That’s getting worse; it’s not getting better.”

Mr Kay pointed to car sharing in multi-unit dwellings and mini-buses suited to Waverley streets as part of the Liberal plan moving forward.
Currently led by former Mayor Sally Betts, Liberal have touted returning Waverley’s budget to surplus as crucial should they return to power.

“We couldn’t believe we hadn’t been told about the state of play for the books,” Mr Kay said. “In my view, they [Labor] have their philosophical projects they want to put money towards. Over and over again, I see at Council all of these projects come up. There’s no funding. No funding has been allocated and they endorse them. We need to have the funding first before we can move forward.”

Ms Betts, a candidate for Hunter Ward, said they plan to restore three tunnels underneath Bondi Beach, which have not been maintained and suffer from cement corroding.

Liberal’s aim is to have one tunnel restored within the next year. “We’re talking about quite a lot of money … about $80,000 or more per tunnel. We really want to make sure that they are upgraded. Obviously there is an ongoing risk that if they deteriorate [further], it will cost more in the long run to fix them up.”

Ms Betts said Liberal would work with their State counterparts to reach a solution as the electorate continues to push for the introduction of a light rail service in the district.

  • Tony Kay

    In the article, Marcus Braid says that the Liberals “would look at introducing a minimum car space allotment for multi-unit dwellings”. I think that Marcus has misunderstood what I said. Council’s Development Control Plan already identifies different minimum and maximum car parking generation rates for one bedroom, two bedroom, and three or more bedroom units in new multi-unit dwellings. What I was saying is that the minimum and maximum rates needed to be reviewed and more realistic rates used to get cars off the street.

  • Marcus Braid

    Tony’s clarification has now been included in the article.
    Thanks, Marcus

  • The Liberals have nominated parking as a critical issue this election – they nominated parking as a critical issue last election and then broke their promises. But that aside let’s take apart their current promises – more parking in more developer driven high rise! Why would any current Waverley resident vote for that? Our streets are choked with cars already. Developers of multi unit dwellings are permitted a maximum number of car spaces one or two per unit – not because we want to punish anyone, but because there is no more room on the streets of Waverley. We know that if everyone in Waverley got into their car and drove onto the streets there would not be enough room for them – there are already that many cars here. So if the Liberals want to increase the number of cars per high rise let’s do the maths – there might be up to four spaces per unit – work that out 50 new units 200 more cars; 80 new units 360 more cars.

    So are they saying there will be more high rise and there will be more cars on the streets?

    I think Waverley is pretty full – why not No more new high rise and No more new cars on the streets?

    And isn’t this in conflict with their push for light rail (public transport). If rail is to go down Bondi Road or Birrell Street or Old South Head Road then won’t we have to remove car lanes and parking?

    It’s about time the Liberals were taken to task for holding up parking as a carrot to voters every election when it is not parking for existing residents, but parking in new developments for new residents that they are talking about – it is not parking for you.

  • pia daly

    Cr Strewe doesn’t come across as very credible. Four spaces per unit is a stretch!!!
    Parking is a huge problem – and crucial to residents – when are Labor and the Greens going to realise that?