Loose Tooth

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Matty T Wall: The Australian blues music community has been steadily bubbling away just below the surface thanks to exciting artists such as Matty T Wall. Now as the genre is about to explode into the mainstream, Matty is set to tour the east coast to launch his new album Blue Skies.

Thu, May 19, Lazybones Lounge

Loose Tooth: The Melbourne guitar-pop trio have just unleashed their brand new single ‘Sherry’ from debut EP Saturn Returns. Mixing fuzzy-pop with washed out guitars, soothing vocals, and drum beats – this show is bound to be both relaxed and punchy.

Fri, May 20, Tokyo Sing Song

Josh Cashman: 21-year-old Cashman planted his seed in the soil of the Australian music industry last year and has since grown to be an exciting sapling in the garden. Josh’s blending of folk with electronic textures has set him apart from the pack and intrigued listeners both online and at his live shows.

Fri, May 20, Brighton Up Bar

Melody Pool: With the release of her sophomore album Deep Dark Savage Heart last month, it’s now time to hit the roads and showcase these new tracks to fans around the country. Tomorrow night Sydney fans will have the chance to experience these intently personal and revealing stories in a truly unique venue that will only add to the atmosphere of the evening.

Fri, May 20, Paddington Uniting Church

Fear Like Us: During their twelve year career Fear Like Us have managed to grow and evolve from a folk-punk outfit into a powerful genre-bending melodic punk group who have since influenced many bands that have followed in their footsteps. Now with their new album out in the wild, the group hit the roads again with their uniquely Australian narratives which will send shivers down your spine.

Sat, May 21, Blackwire Records

Pirra: Despite currently putting the finishing touches on their debut album (due later this year) this extremely tight four piece band are still very intent on performing for their fans around the country. This weekend they will be in Sydney to celebrate the release of their new single ‘Wake Me’.

Sat, May 21, Captain Cook Hotel

Imperial Bells Of China: The culture of ancient China takes over Sydney’s Capitol Theatre this week as the sound of romantic and melodic bells fill the air while dancers grace the stage to bring the culture to life.

Wed, May 25, Capitol Theatre