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Lizzie Flynn’s LP is a beautiful nuanced portrait of the country town her lyrics provoke. Her voice weaves a story with clarity, with feathery depth and with a quirky rhythmic backing. Flynn’s vocals are spellbinding making the listener follow it as it rises and falls in its delicate emotional range. Her backing follows her too filling space as she leaves it, egging her on.

The listener drinks in the symbiotic relationship, delights at her sly references that never tell the whole story. You and the Open Sky is filled with the energy generated by the artists own passion, it sparkles gently in the night sky of musical constellations.

This album encourages secret smiles between couples, wistful eyes and a full heart in the listener. Easy to listen to and easy to connect with, this album is a joy in the listener, it is a cheeky smile.


Reviewed by Sarah Pritchard

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