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This German/Australian co-production is a fascinating exploration of an unusual topic, the effect of Nazism on its children.  The movie centres on the post war journey of Lore (Saskia Rosendahl) and her four siblings who are the offspring of Nazi parents.  After her parents are arrested, Lore and her young family must traverse defeated Germany to find a home. She discovers unexpected help in the form of a Jewish man, a refugee from the camps.

Two powerful entities haunt the movie, death and silence. Lonely isolated death is lurking around every corner, in the black and white photos of the camps, the drops from mourning clothes hanging from washing lines and the brutalised corpse in a dilapidated house. Silence is the other, the silence of shared understanding between siblings, the silence of fear and danger, of desire and unvoiced questions. A well acted and beautifully shot film, Lore is a journey towards an uncomfortable truth. ***1/2