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In between stalking her comic idol Simon Amstell and checking into what she calls the hands’ down funniest comedy show ever, Felicity Ward, Melbourne-based stand-up senorita Lou Sanz will be delivering her own brand of so-wrong-it’s-right funnies at this year’s Sydney Comedy Festival.

Last we spoke to you, you were dishing up some unsuitable bedtime stories for adults [2011’s Not Suitable for Children]. What’s on the table this time round? I’m talking about storage, specifically self-storage. I have a storage unit in Sydney. I’ve had it now for nearly seven years and I thought that maybe it was time to open it, given it’s cost me over $11, 000 to keep and I can only be certain my mum’s old leather jacket is in there and I told her it was stolen so I just want to stop lying. Living a lie.

And you know, self- storage is just inherently funny…yes, yes it is.

It’s also a great excuse to come back to Sydney and try something new. If anything, Sydney audiences are awesomely receptive to comedians trying something new. It’s a perfect place to launch a new show.

What’s on thing you wish you could put in storage forever? My dignity. I often think my comedy would be better without it or just my life in general.

What was your tour of the USA like? I really enjoy going to the US. This year will be my third year. It can be very isolating as an Australian comedian in the Midwest as there aren’t many of us that visit there but that said again, it has a wonderfully nurturing and burgeoning fringe festival circuit and my comedy does seem to translate there. In fact I would say it is better received than in some Australian cities. I think a good story is a good story and funny is funny and that will always translate.

Your blog covers some pretty pithy topics: sluts, homewreckers, Will & Grace and trackies. Is anything off-limits for you? Yes. People that are close and important to me. I can be very guarded about them. I know there is there a common perception that my comedy is rather transparent in regards to my personal life but I do keep a lot of things private. But as for everything else in the world ever, well no, I’ll still find a joke to tell about it.

Last interview we covered your childhood. Now let’s go to the other end of the spectrum: old age. What kind of career do you hope to look back on when you’re wrinkly and grey? I hope to weight 300 pounds, have a Gold membership to Coles online and clean and sexually satisfy myself with a stick and a damp cloth on the end…one can but dream.

Apr 25-29, Matchbox @ The Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville, $15,