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The broker shop with the broken windows
sells only broken things
like hot TVs hot refrigerators
divorcees wedding rings

A woman walks by with thigh-high boots
leading a little dog
her clothes so tight they look they might
just be a tattoo job

A Cumbersome corner on a Cumbersome street
a place where Cumbersome lovers meet

A clarinet trills
above the chimneys
of this suburb west of Sydney
Phil waits for Michael to get home

This is not the way
to make it big
they’ll never get past that local pub gig
they’ll never get a record company loan

One short victory a long defeat
two roads part, two roads meet

Her tack-suit’s pink, his one’s blue
they wander the streets and they mutter to you
but the words they say
have never made sense

They found a typewriter on the ground on day
it’s funny what people just throw away
they wrote a letter (Maria)
under the shade of an old grey fence

Sugar is salt, salt is sweet
on this place two roads meet

Bob’s had no job
for at least two years
I never knew how he could afford his beers
till I saw the car driven by his girl Leanne

The new butcher won’t last
he’s got trouble
I saw him at lunch knocking back a double
then I say him closing up with a bandaged hand

I guess we’ve all got a habit to beat
and that’s just a place two roads meet

And this is just the corner at the end of my street
a place where Cumbersome lovers meet