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Love Thee is a collection of visually exquisite vignettes exploring the meaning of love. Through a combination of puppetry, visual arts, contemporary movement and humour, the creative team of Horizon Theatre seek answers.

Director of this internationally award-winning production, Maddy Slabacu, always wanted to create something about creation and love. She was inspired by the age old question ‘What is love?’ and hopes the show will provide a lovely journey into the fun, beauty and mystery of this elusive subject.

Love Thee is showing as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival at the Greek Theatre, a venue that Maddy describes as “the real McCoy” and very welcoming. When asked what is love? “Something that can’t be measured but can measure you,” she replied. That’s one answer. Get your tickets to the show to see the other interpretations and explanations.

Sep 14-15, The Greek Theatre, Building 36, 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville, $17-20, 9560 9167,