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Productions of Macbeth have long been riddled with superstition and bad luck, and Bell Shakespeare’s latest didn’t buck the trend: the opening night was delayed after four cast members Dan Spielman (Macbeth), Ivan Donato (Macduff) and Robert Jago (Malcolm), and Assistant Director John Kachoyan were struck down with food poisoning.

Directed by Peter Evans, this is Macbeth as you haven’t seen it before. The three witches have become one, played by the hauntingly beautiful Lizzie Schebesta, who gives a chilling and stellar performance. Dan Spielman as Macbeth and Kate Mulvany as Lady Macbeth are both powerfully transformative in their roles, perfectly playing their sensual descent from innocence to guilt to madness. The set is bleak and sparse, the costumes bright, and the music disquieting, allowing the impact of the bloody murders to have a powerful theatrical effect. While a very modern production, it’s also refreshingly true to the original imagining of the story. Bell Shakespeare’s Macbeth is stylish, scary and stirring.

Until May 12, Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House, $48-79, 9250 7777,