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Prepare to be exposed to the weakness of human morality, the power of basic instinct and the destruction of unbreakable rules. Mixd Drinx explores the irrepressible sexual impulses of two jaded couples that cross borders under the influence of the devil’s drink – and their sinister bartender who may very well channel the devil himself.  Writer and director Sean O’Riordan explains: “I’m showing people what happens when you abandon care, morals, ethics, civilisation and just act on the impulse to consume.”

The Pinter-influenced playwright wrote this dark piece in just three days, pouring out personal experiences and natural observations onto paper. Audiences have been told to expect raw top-quality acting, and to be drawn into a world they often force themselves to ignore. O’Riordan says he wants to entertain and amuse the audience, but also question their own instincts and motives. “They have to try and reconcile what they really want out of life. Is it something more predictable but safe and true, or something exciting that wreaks havoc on their emotions?”  Here the age-old question is fuelled to its maximum capacity, embedded in a haze of booze and calling every sense of human morality into question. We can all relate to that.

Jul 18-29, Old 505 Theatre, Suite 505, 342 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills, $15-25,