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Now that access to electronic music tools has become so pervasive and easy, we are seeing a surge in the number of rock acts incorporating them to create a new experimental sound. One such act is Sydney’s Motioner, the new alias for Rowan Cane, who has previously been involved with “a few bands here and there”. He elaborates: “I was in a heavier band before, but when that broke up I decided to do my own thing.”

When Rowan speaks about his musical influences you get a clear indication and understanding of his new sound, “I love bands like Crosses and Deftones. [My other] influences are definitely a little bit of electronic music and Radiohead, I really like that blend of electronic and acoustic instruments.”

With just over a year of creating music under this new alias, Rowan has already received stellar success with widespread radio play and support from Triple J Unearthed. Rowan explained: “[It] feels awesome to be able to do something that’s getting a bit of recognition and I’m really pumped about that.”

This is only the beginning for Motioner however, as he has been working on an upcoming debut album for some time. “Over a year and half I recorded 14 songs, but probably wrote about 25 to 30 because it worked out better financially and artistically that way,” he said.

Ahead of the release of his album, Rowan will be performing a limited run of shows locally starting this weekend. Rowan’s specific writing process, where he wrote and demo-ed them alone in his bedroom before recording with the band, has created a level of nervousness in the lead up to the debut performances. In terms of production for the live shows there will be a three piece band whilst also running Ableton (music production software) to do some sampling and using those electronic tools; “So it’s going to be interesting putting the songs together live,” said Rowan.

Since Motioner haven’t played any full set-up live shows yet, Rowan found it somewhat difficult to describe the show but stressed that “it’s going to be very ambient and atmospheric, but we’re also trying to make it a bit exciting and bring that rock and roll element into the more chilled out music.” Bearing this in mind, this show is bound to cater to a hugely varied crowd and provide a beautiful night of music.

Jun 27, Oxford Art Factory – Gallery Bar, 38-46 Oxford St, Darlinghurst, FREE, or