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Release date: 26 February 2009


Director and writer, Joel Hopkins has produced a slow-paced and predicable romantic comedy. Designed especially for a mature audience, it is redeemed by the film’s two leads. Dustin Hoffman is Harvey Shine a workaholic, absentee father who travels to London for his daughter, Susan’s (Liane Balaban) wedding. Usurped by his wife’s ‘new’ man (James Brolin) at the rehearsal and ceremony, Shine makes a hasty exit only to meet a charming, English lady, Kate Walker (Emma Thompson). The two spend time together in London exchanging sob stories and various clichés and an unlikely bond forms, making the two better people. While the script is peppered with witty dialogue, you are left feeling you know very little about these characters which at times impedes your ability to truly empathise with them. But no doubt Hoffman and Thompson fans will be pleased regardless. (Natalie Salvo)