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Sydney duo MOZA have been making waves online with their two most recent singles, Empty Streets and Gold, clocking up over 15 million plays combined. Speaking with Cam Nacson he credits the recent successes to finally finding their musical direction and also the nature of online streaming.

“If you look through our past singles they’re a bit of a journey and all very different from each other,” said Nacson. “Gold though felt like that first step in a direction we want to be going in into the future.”

Cam Nacson and Toby Chew Lee found each other when they we both playing in a folk, rock band but quickly developed a close friendship and working relationship. Once the band began to wind down the duo chose to begin working together producing electronic music.

Also during this time the pair took opportunities to collaborate with a number of other artists, which Nacson says helped develop the “love of electronic music.”

For Nacson the biggest difference between the electronic and traditional band worlds was the collaborative nature of the two industries.

“What we love about the electronic industry, especially in Australia, is that it is so collaborative. It was a drastic shift in thinking after coming from the band world where you only work with your band and everyone felt so competitive towards each other.”

Since joining the electronic music scene MOZA have seen incredible success and longevity for their music on streaming services.

MOZA’s most recent single, Gold, released in January and has recently crossed over the one million stream mark and is still averaging 20-25,000 plays per day. Surprisingly according to Nacson this is a typical growth pattern they’ve witnessed.

“What we’ve found online is that with each million streams the growth actually gets quicker because more people have heard it and then add it to their playlists, which is incredibly important because most of the plays for unknown and upcoming artists are through playlists.”

This exponential growth pattern does however make it difficult to plan a tour schedule, in particular because the ability to convert streams into live show attendance can be tough.

“That conversion rate is minimal at the moment but Spotify have just added some new features which we’re super keen to see how that plays out,” said Nacson.

For those fans which do make the jump to see MOZA live in Sydney this month they will be treated to a show which has a bunch of surprises.

“There are actually so many new songs in the Gold tour set, we have about four songs we’ve never played live before and another two or three that have only been played once. People are going to get a really good idea of the direction MOZA is going to be headed.”

Mar 24. Oxford Art Gallery, 38-46 Oxford St, Darlinghurst. $12.63+b.f. Tickets & Info: