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Bob Dylan, the elusive, talented, revolutionary, musical activist, is being celebrated this May in a reinterpretation of his words and music at the Basement and other venues in Sydney.  Songs will be performed by a group of dynamic singers including Karl Broadie, Steve Balbi, Ngaiire (ex Blue King Brown), Zkye, Brett Hunt, Danny Marx and Sam Joole and accompanied by a band featuring Dave Hibbard, Joseph Calderazzo, Dario Bortolin, Daniel Pliner, James Roach and Sonia Leeson. Bob Dylan’s music transcends time and place, instead appealing to our deepest emotions and personal experiences. It’s a universal language that has stood the test of time.  Because his music is diverse, (Bob reinvented himself many times, most famously in the 1960’s when his style moved from folk to rock) it has managed to influence such a wide range of people. This continued relevance is especially evident by his recent hits ‘ the album Modern times (06) and the movie I’m Not There (07) in which aspects of Dylan are represented by different characters playing him at varying points in his life. Come down and see one interpretation of his music and spirit at Tangled Up In Bob Dylan, where the songs will be sung not just as an anthem for times past but as an anthem for now. ‘Oh the times, they are a changing…’


Tangled Up In Bob Dylan

May 30

The Basement

29 Reiby Place, Sydney

$25-32 (dinner & show $72.80-76.80)

Bookings: 92512797 or