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“Let’s freeze a few old friends / We can rebel”, that certainly would qualify as  The Greatest Shakedown. Scottish outfit My Latest Novel have grand aspirations for their second album. Naming rights went to a Dylan Thomas poem (no literary pretensions here boyo), and without a doubt they set their musical sights on becoming the bastard child of an unholy union between dramatic Celtic folk-rockers The Frames and Canadian darlings Arcade Fire.  Sweeping arrangements, dramatic tension, breathtaking melodies – all present sir!  Such grand intentions are best described by those to whom they belong, in the words of their own Gary Deveney: “We were drawn into the illogical nature and conflicting thoughts of the anti-hero… During the writing process, we were holed up in an old pub, which had been turned into a rehearsal space in Greenock, our hometown.  We had the only key, and were left to ourselves to create the album.  The roof leaked, there were no windows, but it was amazing to have somewhere of our own to work together.  We used it for the 628 days it took us to write the album.” 628 days? Who counted? Proof that that’s way too much time to be left to their own devices.